Wrestling Confessions, F/M/K & More!

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  • 179: All Elite Wrestlemania
    A troop of jolly buddies stop by to chat this week in wrestling, Wife Swap, the weekly wars, and so much more. An early kick off to the holiday season? You'll just have to listen! Strap in and Let's Podcast, buddies!
  • 178: Flesh-colored Dunks
    Your buddies Marty and Sarah can't be stopped this week! We weren't supposed to talk about this much wrestling, but here we are! This episode is busy with buddies visiting from every era of this little show. Raun Strowman, Braun's big BIG brother makes a long-awaited return, plus Nathan drop's in with some week/weak observations, and a very special Wrestling Confession is unearthed. Get cozy and Let's Podcast!
  • 177: GET YOUR A** TO BED!
    It's a SNOWY Halloween in Chicago, so you know your buddies got cozied up to chat about this week in wrestling and beyond. Plenty of buds stop by to give their thoughts and share some late October cheer. The new rhythm of the wrestling week is becoming part of the routine and we are loving it. Plus, there's still time for Old School Wrestling amidst all of it. Enjoy the tricks, stay for the treats, and Let's Podcast!
  • 176: Boo the Bad Guys
    Fly through the week of wrestling with us! From cable issues causing us to have to do WWE research to seeing Bound for Glory live, we are all over the scene this week. A buddy makes a surprising heel turn! Sarah's Old School Wrestling Corner is higher than ever, and there's even time for a little Gerbs. Or Goebs. Whatever you're looking for, find some of it with us. Let's Podcast!
  • 175: i, CLEATUS
    Drafts, chances, buddies and more wrestling than a human can handle? Why not call in a new robot to help suss it all out! There's so much wrestling to discuss from the indies to the TVs and we are here to guide you through it like the Disney Jungle Cruise of this week in wrestling. Keep your hands in your pockets and enjoy the show...Let's Podcast!
  • 174: ASMR U Serious?
    After a jam-packed week of about a thousand hours of wrestling, your buds are here to bring you all the scoops worth sharing. From WWE to NXT to AEW to IWTV and much, much more, join us and some of the buddies to process it all. A strong showing from females in the WWE followed up by some pretty interesting ASMR all followed by one of our favorite wrestling confessions. Let's Podcast!
  • 173: Blessed by Wrestling
    It's finally here! The wrestling to end all wrestling, or better yet - to start it! Now releasing early Friday mornings, we are here to help you dissect everything that happened, and will happen, and might possibly never happen. We are enjoying it all and are excited to share it with you. From WWE to AEW, here's to a new era of pro wrestling. Let's Podcast!
  • 172: G'night Old Wrestling!
    It's our last show dropping on Thursday mornings, as we move to early Friday mornings to get you as much wrestling talk as we can! Marty's got the schedule which we go over, along with all the live indie events we attended over the weekend (Freelance, BLP) and the upcoming AAW show. The landscape is changing and we are ready to see what the new winds do! So is Nathan (Nathan's Wrestling Review) and even Gerbert has an opinion or two. All that, and a whole lot more: Let's Podcast!
  • 171: Just Raising Awareness
    Changes are afoot in the air, and it's not just the oncoming fall. Marty and Sarah are here to guide you through a new wrestling television schedule along with a crew of buddies. Nathan and his cohost drop in with a big scoop, Brad and Aunt Ruth share some of their favorite things, and we discuss the week's events, all amid Marty's album release - which topped the comedy charts at #1! Download or stream Marty Derosa: Live from Parts Unknown, and in the meantime - Let's Podcast!
  • 170: Goin' Old School
    A late night after an improv show with pro wrestling's Colt Cabana brings a lot of musing about How Do You Want This To Go and what Clash of (the) Champions will bring. Double up on your co-hosts as Nathan brings a truly wild segment, and we also get TWO Old School Wrestling Corners. Strap in, cozy up, and Let's Podcast!