Wrestling Confessions, F/M/K & More!

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  • 162: B-O-C-K-E-D
    With the bounty of summer upon us, the wrestling harvest is under way! Fortunately your buddies are here to help pick what's ripe and comment on what could use a little longer on the vine. Nathan (Nathan's Wrestling Review) visits with plenty of scoops and Helen gives a delicious sign off in this longer-than-usual wrestling adventure. Let's Podcast!
  • 161: King of Wishful Booking
    With the G1 underway, Extreme Rules looking, and the head on collision of Evolve and Fight for the Fallen there is a LOT of wrestling to discuss. Luckily we have some buddies to stop in and help along the way. Also, we breeze through How Do You Want This to Go? (Props to Kevin Aldridge for another killer theme song!) and a Wrestling Confession tries to make things right in the universe. Let's Podcast!
  • 160: Cashing in on Teens
    Marty and Sarah are back with a 4th of July spectacular! Fireworks will fly as your favorite ding dongs break down the WWE's new hires, chat AEW's Fyter Fest ups and down and some Buddies stop by to prove they're not the same person. Let's podcast! 
  • 159: Gerbert, Baby!
    On a stormy night in Chicago, two podcasters gathered their mics and their wits and chatted all things wrestling, twitter, old school and beyond. Some of Sarah's old old friends stop by (for better or for worse) and fans across the world find one another. Let's Podcast!
  • 158: How Do You Want this to Go?
    It's Marty's birthday! The best thing we can do for him is talk about and enjoy pro wrestling. From fantasy booking Stomping Grounds to YouTube recommendations and more, this episode is sure to guide you through your day to the greener pastures of some fun ass wrestling. Let's Podcast!
  • 157: Meet Robert Atlantis
    That's right: all the new NXT recruits are getting new names too! But how would the old ones have dealt with their own switch ups? Join us as we trudge through WWE, dance through NJPW, and keep an eye on everyone else. From the Weekly World News publications of the wrestling world to your Observers, we take a look at all that and so much more. Let's Podcast!
  • 156: Episode 156: Bound Five Glory
    Just a whole pile of buddies stop by to get in on the fun today. From Ring of Japan to WWE to AEW to the rest of the indies, Marty, Sarah and the gang go on a real adventure through the wresting world. Join us for an hour plus of fun and 'fabe. Let's Podcast!
  • 158: Episode 155: Triple or Something
    Back with your regularly scheduled programming, Marty and Sarah have a lot of wrestling talk to scoop up and dish out. They're helped out by a new old star, a wrestling journalist, and a couple other buddies as well. From AEW's Double or Nothing, to WWE's regular ol' programming, to the indie circuit, hop on this ride and spend an hour with us. Let's Podcast!
  • 157: Episode 154: Ask Buddies Anything

    Another week of travel for Sarah means we recorded early and took your questions for us, the buddies, and more! Tune into hear answers to questions you may have asked or ones you might never have thought to! Some beloved buddies make a grand return to bring some cheerful updates. This episode is like a fun sitcom one-off episode that we think you'll enjoy. Take a break, kick back, and Let's Podcast!

  • 156: Episode 153: Discreet to Elite

    With the big dynamite news coming from the world of AEW, there's a lot to talk about this week! A few buddies come by to assist in a fun week of wrestling news, rumors, and Who Do You Want To Wins. Marty and Sarah love wrestling more than ever, and you can too. Tune in and share your thoughts with us - @martysarahpod on all social media. Until then, Let's Podcast!