Wrestling Confessions, F/M/K & More!

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  • 218. Tony!

    Getting by is the name of the game in mid-2020. If you're still relying on podcasts, we are still relying on making them for you! Enjoy our chat about this week in wrestling and a boat ride down memory lane as Sarah meets Tugboat. Let's Podcast!

  • 217. A Cup for Change

    The buddies are back and walk us all through this week in wrestling, from 10 years ago (Monday) to today (Friday). Link up with us and make your way down the wild road of late summer, 2020. Let's Podcast!

  • 216. I Think We're at Home Now

    It's a gentle fun week of wrestling success and we are here to tell you about it! Join us for some gentle fun updates on what's going on and how we feel about it. Where's the best place to wrestle outside in these unprecedented times? We also read a true, heartfelt handwritten wrestling confession. Let's Podcast!

  • 215. Not Cleared to Podcast

    A short and sweet episode due to 8 hours of Between the Sheets for Marty and a couple days of an ear infection for Sarah! We still celebrate the fun of the week and the cheer of seeing Eddie Kingston debut in AEW. We will be back with a full episode next week. In the meantime, Let's Podcast!

  • 214. The Chicago Way

    A band of buddies return for some fun wrestling talk in a - dare we say - exciting week of wrestling...! Join us for a sweet confession, the upcoming How Do You Want This To Go for Extreme Rules: The Horror Show, and a wee chat with some old pals. Let's Podcast!

  • 213. Everybody's Free to Love Wrestling

    From the Great American Bash to Fyter Fest this week, it almost felt like some semblance of summer normalcy. We were glad to return to joking about current wrestling with a double helping of excellent wrestling confessions and a horrendous song by Gerbert at the end. Let's Podcast!

  • 212. Upstairs Downstairs

    Marty and Sarah Still Love Wrestling and you can too! Join us for an hour of chatting about the good old days, these current days, and whatever else pops into our heads and hearts. Let's Podcast!

  • 211. A Conversation with Paloma Starr

    Paloma Starr joins us to have an honest discussion about what it  means to be a woman in the wrestling world. This episode is not the usual joyful recap of the week because we felt it was important to take some time to listen to her experiences and hear her ideas and advice for the future of wrestling. 

  • 210. Getting By

    It's been a week. Heavier stuff up top, lighter stuff in the middle. We are here to talk about what's going on in wrestling and to carry you through an hour in a weird time. Hear what the kids have to say about Abadon and the real winner of a tough week: a twilight sky. Let's Podcast!

  • 209. 40 Year Old Injury

    Pull up your boot straps and get on board with us! Marty pulls his head up from injury and depression to put together a show with all the hits: WWE, NXT, AEW, and the return of NJPW. There's talk of indie shows returning too, and a certain Unky pops by with some thoughts on how his daughter is being booked. If you're feeling down, remember you can always reach out to nami.org for help and stay strong, buddies!