Wrestling Confessions, F/M/K & More!

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  • 207: AEW Don

    Double or Nothing was a Saturday somethin' plus a lot of fun futuristic changes as wrestling evolves to match the strange days we are living in. We welcome a new buddy to the show and Unky Ric and Gerbert pull together a salute to 2020 graduates. Let's Podcast!

  • 206: 1000 Chips Delicious

    From Old School Wrestling Corner to How Do You Want this to Go, we ramble and bamble through all sorts of wrestling talk, fantasy booking and new ideas. Join us for an hour of relaxing and fun chats and come back next week to hear about Double or Nothing and a whole lot more. Let's Podcast!

  • 205: Cousin Kurt Sheet

    From MITB to the big new on Raw all the way to the brilliance of outdoor wrestling during the quarantine days - we've got you covered. Come hang out with us and a few buddies, and stick around for the cherry on top of it all - a Wrestling Confession of a lifetime from the one and only Cousin Kurt!

  • 204: All Fart No Bowl

    Spend some time fantasy booking with us! Start saying 'Tis I' along with us! It's Money in the Bank Week so let's book ourselves into a shoot and discuss the other news of the week and what we watched. Some buddies stop by and we just enjoy it all so much that hour snuck up on us. Let's Podcast!

  • 203: NOW We Care!

    In a longer, chiller episode, Marty and Sarah enjoy the week of wrestling and dive into a couple Old School Wrestling corners too. Kyle reads his favorite tweets from the week and Nathan scoops a scoop about a scoop. All that and you'll get to find out who Ronnie Glutes is. Let's Podcast!

  • 202: The Good Potatoes
    Some buddies return, some wrestling is discussed, the best prank of quarantine, and the heartbreak of a little boy who just wants to cheer a babyface. All that and a whole lot more if you'll just come hang out with us for an hour. Let's Podcast!
  • 201: Wrestling Week Exhaustion
    Due to the news from this week, we are postponing the buddy heavy episode mentioned last week. Instead, we talk about the changes in the sea of wrestling and the ships of the future we hope to find. Support each other, love whatever wrestling you love, and Let's Podcast!
  • 200: In-joying It All
    Episode 200! We did it. Two buddies who love wrestling, who have made so many more buddies along the way because of wrestling. Thanks for joining us and being here. This episode recaps Wrestlemania 36, the week that was, and so much more. In a buddy-less celebration of wrestling, Marty and Sarah enjoy what they've got and hope you enjoy it with them. Let's Podcast (for the 200th time)!
  • 199: Cesaro Sized
    With Wrestlemania "In Your House" looming over the weekend, let's dive into distractions, joy, and big time fantasy bookings to make the time go by in a pleasant way. Join us as we share memories, ideas, and a lot more in a chill span of time that will mostly let you escape. Let's Podcast!
  • 198: Spoiler Free is the Way 4 Me
    With two weeks away from one historic year of Wrestlemania, your buddies are here to PUMP IT UP PUMP IT UP and cruise you through the inside times to a more normal tomorrow. Join us for chats about wrestling old and new and enjoy a few buddies and a whole lot more. Let's Podcast!