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  • Episode 145: Everyone Go To Wrigley

    Ramping up to Wrestlemania means there's a lot to discuss! From NXT to AAW to New Japan and beyond, hop in and listen to us jive with what's happening today. We've also got visits from three classic buddies, including Nathan (Nathan's Wrestling Review) who comes in hot with a PODLINE for y'all. All that and the Wrestling Confession that gave us our title - heck! Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 144: Chaos Muppets

    We are on the Fastlane to Wrestlemania now, buddies! Hop in our ridiculous caravan of screaming cats and character appearances. Kyle defends his honor as a young fan, and Unky Ric shows up to prove to us all that he wasn't murdered on television. An Old School Wrestling Corner takes us to the era of blading and waiting, and a joy bubble of a Wrestling Confession takes us home. Whaddaya say? Let's Podcast!

  • Episode143: "Only 30 Minutes"

    A week of illness, new starts, and sweaty gear is served to you on a gentle platter of audio. Hear from Nippolaus throughout the show, a slow run in from Sasha, @-Billy drops in for a cameo, and so much more. Who do you want to win at Fastlane? We'll tell you our picks and Peter screams his little butt off. You think you can handle it? Good. Let's Podcast.

  • Episode 142: Sayin' Goodbye to 69

    Barring the fact that your buddies thought Fastlane was this upcoming Sunday, there's a lot of wrestling to discuss from the week! From AAW to WWE to AEW to BLP, clock in for an hour of fun with us. Stan Hansen (our great buddy) makes his long-awaited return to the show, Brad the Alien drops some shade, and Kyle the Choir boy sings an oldie. Plus the valiant return of FMK - all that and a WHOLE lot more. Let's Podcast!

  • Bonus Episode: Eddie Kingston

    Marty and Sarah sit down with one of the toughest wrestlers in the world. Eddie Kingston is from the Bronx, you don't wanna mess with him, and yet he lets his guard down and gets real with us. Between the laughs, the screams, and the stories, you'll walk away with your head full of wrestling-- which is exactly what we love.

  • Episode 141: Oops, No Buddies!

    It was such a week of things to be discussed that you really get just that - discussion! If you're here to listen to two goofballs talk about WWE, NXT, AEW, AAW and beyond, then strap in. Marty and Sarah, of course, have those little side discussions about life and the state of the things outside wrestling...but it always comes back to the things we love most - wrestling and each other! Peter and DJ make quick appearances and...no one else! It's a different day, and we had a lot of fun. Enjoy this ride!

  • Episode 140: Let Your Buddy Flag Fly!

    From AEW to AAW to WWE and beyond, there's a lot rolling around in the world of wrestling and we are here to talk ya through it. And it's not just Marty and Sarah - The Big Guy, Unky Ric, Nippolaus and more stop by to toss their two cents in the fountain. This week's wrestling confession closes one of our famous Unsolved Mysteries, and we hope you walk away feeling good. Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 139: Tis The Tax Season

    We can all agree that it's a wild time in wrestling - from Becky to NXT to AEW and beyond. Strap in for some new updates and an old school wrestling corner for your ears. Nathan from Nathan's Wrestling Review has a lot of thoughts and even a few jokes, and a dream of a wrestling confession rounds us out before a Bradtime wish for your wrell-being. Whaddaya say? Let's podcast!

  • Episode 138: Ice Cold Ambrose

    Coming to you from the heart of the polar vortex, your buddies go OUT INTO THE COLD to give you all the news that's fit for your ears! Two new buddies stop by, plus an old favorite gives some insight into his possible future plans and dreams. Nathan from Nathan's Wrestling Review has all things AAW for your ears and we cover WWE from NXT to the Royal Rumble. Strap in, stay warm, and Let's Podcast!


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  • Episode 137: Who Do You Want to Finn?

    With the Royal Rumble forthcoming this SUNDAY (Sunday, sunday...) there are a lot of Who Do You Want To Wins to cover! That doesn't mean there's not time for NXT, AEW, Impact, and Women of Wrestling talk, too. Nathan (Nathan's Wrestling Review) makes a long-awaited return to the podcast ring, and Brad's got some merch to promote.

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