Wrestling Confessions, F/M/K & More!

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  • 174: ASMR U Serious?
    After a jam-packed week of about a thousand hours of wrestling, your buds are here to bring you all the scoops worth sharing. From WWE to NXT to AEW to IWTV and much, much more, join us and some of the buddies to process it all. A strong showing from females in the WWE followed up by some pretty interesting ASMR all followed by one of our favorite wrestling confessions. Let's Podcast!
  • 173: Blessed by Wrestling
    It's finally here! The wrestling to end all wrestling, or better yet - to start it! Now releasing early Friday mornings, we are here to help you dissect everything that happened, and will happen, and might possibly never happen. We are enjoying it all and are excited to share it with you. From WWE to AEW, here's to a new era of pro wrestling. Let's Podcast!
  • 172: G'night Old Wrestling!
    It's our last show dropping on Thursday mornings, as we move to early Friday mornings to get you as much wrestling talk as we can! Marty's got the schedule which we go over, along with all the live indie events we attended over the weekend (Freelance, BLP) and the upcoming AAW show. The landscape is changing and we are ready to see what the new winds do! So is Nathan (Nathan's Wrestling Review) and even Gerbert has an opinion or two. All that, and a whole lot more: Let's Podcast!
  • 171: Just Raising Awareness
    Changes are afoot in the air, and it's not just the oncoming fall. Marty and Sarah are here to guide you through a new wrestling television schedule along with a crew of buddies. Nathan and his cohost drop in with a big scoop, Brad and Aunt Ruth share some of their favorite things, and we discuss the week's events, all amid Marty's album release - which topped the comedy charts at #1! Download or stream Marty Derosa: Live from Parts Unknown, and in the meantime - Let's Podcast!
  • 170: Goin' Old School
    A late night after an improv show with pro wrestling's Colt Cabana brings a lot of musing about How Do You Want This To Go and what Clash of (the) Champions will bring. Double up on your co-hosts as Nathan brings a truly wild segment, and we also get TWO Old School Wrestling Corners. Strap in, cozy up, and Let's Podcast!
  • 169: Recaps and Knee Slaps
    It's an utterly All Out weekend! From Thursday to Sunday, your buddies were all over the greater Chicagoland area calling shows, meetings friends, watching wrestling, and trying to stay awake for it all! Hear about everything from AAW to AEW and a whole lot more with this Starrcast Spectacular. Let's Podcast!
  • 168: Almost Out
    It's the go home show for All Out/Starrcast weekend! If you're here, come say hi! If you're anywhere else, we send you our best for a joyful weekend of however much wrestling you take in. We cover the AEW card, our predictions, talk of AAW and the BLP/GCW show and of course invite you to our Friday afternoon (4pm CST) live show at Starrcast! All that plus a sweet wrestling confession and a strange Old School Wrestling Corner. Let's Podcast!
  • 167: Kring of the Ring
    We are on the cobblestone path to Starrcast III and that means there are buddies who come to visit, hopes and dreams to be shared, and a whole lot more. Swing by for Sarah's Old School Wrestling Corner, SASA's behind the scenes, promo confidence, and our exciting final announcement of our guests at our Starrcast show. There's always more fun to be had! Let's Podcast!
  • 166: Chrisley "allegedly" Knows Best
    It's been a buzz and a blur since Todd Chrisley was indicted on tax evasion charges. This episode is in your feed early so that you can get all the updates thanks to the ever-faithful report Nathan from Nathan's Wrestling Review/Report. We also check in with Sasha Banks (who charitably offers a Bank Statement) and we visit Sarah's Old School Wrestling Corner and round out with a Wrestling Confession and a few words from a famous director. Let's Podcast...early!
  • 165: Hannibal dot Tee Hee Hee
    It's a very special episode as we invite AAW ring announcer extraordinaire Jimmy D to hang out and enjoy the fun with us. From a live read to some shoots with Nathan, he is a total pro and a blast to work with. A slew of other buddies arrive to talk Summerslam, ROH, and whole bunch more. If you like buds that drive Sarah nuts, this episode is for you! Let's Podcast!