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  • 199: Cesaro Sized
    With Wrestlemania "In Your House" looming over the weekend, let's dive into distractions, joy, and big time fantasy bookings to make the time go by in a pleasant way. Join us as we share memories, ideas, and a lot more in a chill span of time that will mostly let you escape. Let's Podcast!
  • 198: Spoiler Free is the Way 4 Me
    With two weeks away from one historic year of Wrestlemania, your buddies are here to PUMP IT UP PUMP IT UP and cruise you through the inside times to a more normal tomorrow. Join us for chats about wrestling old and new and enjoy a few buddies and a whole lot more. Let's Podcast!
  • 197: The Quaranation
    It's a strange world and wrestling is navigating it along with everyone else. Your buddies Marty and Sarah are here to navigate it with you and remind you that we are all in this together. From empty arenas to full-hearted bookings and a Wrestling Confession for the ages, join us for an hour of cheer. Let's Podcast!
  • 196: Dollars and Trents
    Everything is in flux this week. At the time of this podcast going live, we don't know what the plans for Wrestlemania are. Folks are going into hiding and we thought there was never a better time to have a friendly podcast to cozy up with than now. Get ready for a little mix of everything, topped off with a very personal, NSFW Wrestling Confession and a good night from a good brother. Let's Podcast!
  • 195: Theme Parks & Wrestling Smarks
    One of the wildest winter weeks of wrestling and your buddies were there for a big chunk of it! Hear what it was like to go to Full Sail for a live taping of NXT. Disney, Universal, C2E2, and of course all that AEW has to offer. A few buddies pop in, but mostly it's your dapper duo giving you all the experiences of loving wrestling our own unique way. Let's Podcast!
  • 194: Results May Vary
    This episode was recorded in advance of this week! Before NXT, before AEW took Kansas City, and before Saudi Arabia struck again. It's a whimsical mess of hopes, dreams, and whatever scoops we could scrumble up that far back. Enjoy it, buds!
  • 193: Rapaporting for Duty!
    After a successful evening of supporting public broadcasting, Marty and Sarah sit down to have a dignified wrestling discussion. There's a lot in the rearview and a lot coming up. Buddies send insights on what it's like to be a wrestling fan in Japan. A touching Wrestling Confession as well as wrap ups on the building energy of Wednesday night wrestling. Let's Podcast!
  • 192: Little Boy Sh*t
    In another late-night parade of wrestling, these two "award-winning" podcasters are here to walk and talk you through wrestling. Sarah had a busy week and luckily Marty stepped up to the plate to explain everything and a whole lot more. A new horrible buddy appears and hopefully will never return. Let's get into some LBS!
  • 191: Shoot Interview McGavin
    In one of the wondrous late-night delights Marty and Sarah have come to be known for, buddies drop by and the expansive, clattering, wild world of pro wrestling is discussed at length. From NJPW to AEW and WWE, along with a healthy dose of the indies, join us for an hour of fun and buds. Let's Podcast!
  • 190: Podcast for the People
    After a couple weeks of buddies on buddies on Colt, Marty and Sarah are back to the basics. It's an exciting time of year for all sorts of wrestling, big small and everything in between. Enjoy some visits from buddies old and new and the lingering debate of whether or not certain bonus episodes will be free. Weigh in on Twitter @martysarahpod or, as always you can send your Wrestling Confessions, Wrestling Encounters, and anything else to [email protected]  

    Let's Podcast!