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  • Episode 127: No Nutmeg Vember

    As winter draws near, Marty and Sarah get into a festive and feisty mood. From the whirlwind of happenings on Smackdown, to the MLW show at Cicero Stadium, it was a wild week of wrestling. 'Who Do You Want To Win?' meets a brand new segment on Hallmark Christmas movies, and so many favorite buddies show up that we held off on Wrestling Confessions 'til next week. Strap in for a crazy ride and Let's Podcast!

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  • Episode 126: A Quick Recap

    After spending a week an ocean apart, Marty and Sarah join forces to bring you a jam-packed episode that still has time for a Wrestling Confession! Sarah covers AAW, the all-womens' Berwyn Championship Wrestling show, meeting Duane "The Wildcard" Quick, while Marty handles all things Cruise of Jericho, Ragers! They join up to talk Impact, Evolution, Crown Jewel, Black Label Pro and Screamin' Pete gets his two cents in as well. Nathan (Nathan's Wrestling Report??) shares some scoops and interviews, and an insanely nice Big Guy closes down shop for the night. Rest well, buds, there's more wrestling next week!

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  • Episode 125: Oops No Wrestling!

    This week, Marty is on the Cruise of Jericho so we banked you a special episode, buds! We still love wrestling (obviously), but this week is all things non-wrestling! Sure, wrestling sneaks in every now and again, but only because it's in our souls. A few buddies show up for some fun, Peter makes some screams, and of COURSE Columbo is talked about. We also answer some ABA (Ask Buddies Anything) questions from some of our wonderful Patreons. Wrestling or not, Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 124: Ric at Nite

    Evolution, love for Roman, and the cruise of Jericho top the list for this week's news. A round of Who Do You Want To Win? and Brad's cousin join the gang. Heel Becky pops in and Ric tries out a Shockey Shoot Interview. A sweet wrestling confession tops us off, plus a fun announcement for next week. Stay tuned and Let's Podcast!

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  • Episode 123: Wrestling Slaps

    What is WWE going to do about Evolution, Saudi Arabia, and Shawn Michaels? Luckily we got God to weigh in. Our good friend @ Billy pops by to celebrate an NWA milestone and Nathan plans a boys' weekend with Marty. AAW was in Austin, we talk Grado and more independent wrestlers, and round it off with a SMORGASBORD of a Wrestling Confession. What do we do now? Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 122: Brad to the Brone

    Marty and Sarah come at you with a midnight cast! That means more hazy wild tangents and just the same amount of wrestling as you're used to. Mrs. B talks legos, Brad talks aliens and Sarah and Marty visit the first Nitro. Figure addictions and Highspots get some shoutouts too. There are some wondrous wrestling confessions/encounters to round us out. Settle in, enjoy, and Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 121: Rylumbo

    It's a late night podcast with Marty and Sarah! It wouldn't be a show without some visits from buddies old - and NEW? There are SHOUT OUTS and stories from being OUT AND ABOUT and an incredible amount of wrestling news and discussion. We promote Liz Anderson and Sarah Shockey's two-woman musical running this month at iO Chicago, Wednesdays at 8pm. We also read a sweet wrestling confession that has a wonderful romantic element to a great wrestling story. Also, an unexpected buddy tucks you in - so get ready!

  • Episode 120: The Ballad of The Punisher and Ryan Awesome

    Were you aware that it's only 13 weeks until Christmas?? You will be after this jaunt into the world of wrestling! Marty and Sarah and the buddies bring you New Japan predictions and who-do-you-want-to-wins alongside some reprimands for the WWE. A beloved crew of buddies have run ins, and friend of the show Nathan (Nathan's Wrestling Review) sponsors an extremely kind Wrestling Confession. All that plus answers about Predators and Scranton Championship Wrestling round out a jam-packed hour. Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 119: Nice...Everything About You

    Marty and Sarah discuss expectations from different feds, Hell in a Cell, and Old School inappropriate promo along with the dips and dives of the week. Scarlett Bordeaux drops a new shirt, Twitter personas are discussed, along with some Instagram reveals. An old coffee loving buddy shows up along with a very special good night. We also provide updates on last week's Wrestling Encounter, and a new one that will blow your mind. Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 118: A BLOODY Good Time

    Marty and Sarah are back at it again, to celebrate Renee's new gig, to welcome an esteemed documentarian, and a few other buddies along the way. From Hell in a Cell to Evolution, cards are discussed along with the classic Who Do You Want to Win? A not for the faint of heart Old School Wrestling Corner horrifies and astounds, and some truly epic Wrestling Encounters bring us home. Tuck us in, mysterious purple alien and Let's Podcast!