Wrestling Confessions, F/M/K & More!

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  • 188: Hotdog and a Handshake ft. Colt Cabana
    In a sleepover-esque fun collaboration, Colt Cabana joins Marty and Sarah to talk about the week that was, but more importantly the questions that are top of mind for these two wrestling buddy fans. A few buddies stop by, and be sure to check out Colt's Patreon for some super fun forthcoming bonus content. Enjoy this good brother evening with us - Let's double Podcast!
  • 187: Young Boys of Tomorrow
    With Wrestle Kingdom 14 behind us and the Royal Rumble in front of us, there's a great deal of wrestling to be talked about. So much so that no buddies join us - it's just your buds Marty and Sarah talking about wrestling, life, movies, Nintendo and more! Join us for some good-hearted speculation and fun thoughts on the wild week that was global wrestling this week. Don't forget to send us an e-mail if there is a promotion or world of wrestling you'd love to hear us talk about: [email protected] - Now that's what I call podcasting!
  • 186: Tip of the Hat of the Year
    It's the year-end/year-beginning spectacular! Marty and Sarah welcome Nathan and Gerbs to dole out some sealed envelope awards for all things wrestling. Other buddies stop by with congrats and well-wishes, and pay attention if you're a good looking dude who went to the most recent AEW taping at the end. Happy 2020, buds!
  • 185: The Annual Holiday Buddy Spectacular
    Join us as we celebrate the year that is, was, and will be with warm holiday visits from buddies and cherished holiday memories from YOU buddies! We couldn't be more grateful to chat fun wrestling with you every week. Merry everything! We love you, buds.
  • 184: Rated T for Teens
    In our last episode of the decade, Marty and Sarah pontificate about how much more wrestling there is now than when we started; than even last year! WPG fka @ Billy stops by to talk new developments, and Birthday Brad makes an appearance. Come sit and chill with us as we talk thoughts, bookings, and read an incredibly relatable Wrestling Confession. 
  • 183: Mozart of Wrestling
    In yet another late-night delight, Sarah and Marty come forth with the upcoming shows, shows that happened on TV and shows we watched from YouTube. A few buddies drop by with some gifts for you toward the end, and there is a Wrestling Confession to join worlds across the globe. Come enjoy some winter wrestling with us, wouldya? Let's Podcast!
  • 182: It's a Wonderful Shoot Life
    After a long weekend of Thanksgiving, Survivor Series, and AEW in Chicago, IL we are ready to surface with tales and wrestling talk. From Optimistic Wrestling Jimmy Stewart to Nathan's Wrestling Review, there's a little fun for everyone here at Marty and Sarah's cozy winter apartment. Join us for all that plus a teenage Wrestling Confession - Let's Podcast!
  • 181: Da Bryce is Right Here With Us!
    It's a very special Thanksgiving episode of Marty and Sarah Love Wrestling as we welcome Bryce Remsburg of AEW into our hearts and home to talk all things positivity, wrestling, and more. We also read messages from you, the buddies, about what you're grateful for this year and in this time of SO much wrestling. Gather round, eat what you like, and Let's Podcast!
  • 180: Too Cool for Promo School
    There's a wild scramble of wrestlers in WWE going from here to there to NXT and Sarah can't keep up - but we can hope for everyone to have a good time! A light episode for buddies but a heavy episode for fun speculation, join us as we go from the indies to the television to pre-Survivor Series. As Marty said, "there's a whole lot of wrestling and only gonna be more," so Let's Podcast!
  • 179: All Elite Wrestlemania
    A troop of jolly buddies stop by to chat this week in wrestling, Wife Swap, the weekly wars, and so much more. An early kick off to the holiday season? You'll just have to listen! Strap in and Let's Podcast, buddies!