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  • Episode 136: BUDDIES - The One Where Peter Almost Dies

    Your hero Marty pulls himself through a slog of depression and and a hangover to join the ever cheerful Sarah to bring you this world in wrestling - fun style. AEW optimism and pessimism, new takes on RAW, trying to watch IMPACT, and so many more topics are covered as the twists and turns never seem to stop. NXT UK chants and their immaculate brilliance make an appearance alongside a CELEBRITY wrestling confession. Oh, and Screamin' Pete almost kills himself live on air. Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 135: Elite Feet

    In one of the biggest weeks in wrestling, your two buddies are here to guide you from the RAW to the Elite! Buddies drop in to help, along with @-Billy, The Big Guy, Brad, and more. A jolly Mean Gene Wrestling Confession will put you in the right mood to tackle this week and beyond - and you'll need the energy because there's gonna be more wrestling than ever - and we love it!

  • Bonus Episode: Jimmy Jacobs

    Kick off a new bonus series of buddyviews with the first one! We invited Jimmy Jacobs over to talk wrestling, writing for wrestling, and a whole lot more. Enjoy an extra hour before our usual show this week!

  • Episode 134: Twenty Nine Scream!!!

    It's the first episode of 2019 and we are strolling into the new year chill and dank, with you to thank! AEW, Becky Lynch, WrestleKingdom, and more are discussed as we navigate the soon-to-be Road to Wrestlemania. Enjoy some crommentary from Brad, a lot of thoughts on documentaries, and more. Look out for a bonus episode coming in your feed soon too!

  • Episode 133: Last Call, 2018!

    With the holidays behind us and a new year approaching, Marty, Sarah and Screamin' Pete have a lot to say! Plenty of chances to e-mail us at [email protected] plus upcoming events and some gentle recaps - there's something for everyone here! Andre's ghost is spurred to arrive, the Ring of Japan report returns, and Brad closes out the year. We pack in some thank you's, shout outs, and joy along with a Wrestling Confession that might just make you blank out for a minute. Close the year out in style and - Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 132: A Very Buddy Holiday Party

    It's that time of year! The last episode before CHRISTMAS! As you may or may not know, we always throw an annual holiday business party and all the buddies come by for cheer and chatting. And you're invited too! Just pop on some headphones or hook up a speaker (somewhere you don't mind us being BAD) and join in the fun! Buddies from far and wide make appearances and we still somehow manage to discuss the week's events! Happy holidays - Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 131: Dinner Included

    With Smackdown on the rise and Raw on the decline, what's a fan to do? Keep loving wrestling, we guess! Join us on a trip through Who Do You Want To Wins for Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, an investigation into what it means to be a writer; what it means to be a champion, and a few buddies along the way! We've got a sweet boy wrestling confession waiting for you at the end of the episode, plus a tuck in from a soon to be Star Wars Star. Strap in, relax your mind, and Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 130: Holiday Cheer Far and Near

    The buddies are doing holiday poems and putting themselves over! Marty and Sarah are talking porn and Blue Chew! This episode start fast and hard and doesn't stop. We're the shoot interviews of podcasts, so we cover both of those topics. The Man makes a visit, The Uncle does too, and a certain USA network reality star stands up for himself and his family. If you want more Wrestling Confessions and Encounters, send them to us at [email protected]

    And don't forget to try Blue Chew free (just pay shipping) by heading to BlueChew.com and using the promo code BRAD

  • Episode 129: Say Hello to the Little Big Guy

    It was a gentle week in wrestling. Injuries were minor, no one was kicked off a plane for vaping, and Baron Corbin had run of the RAW. The promos at AAW were as hot as it is cold in Chicago, and Marty got dunked on along with the whole city by Eddie Kingston. Hear about how much fun TLC is gonna be, and you get the opinions of Brad and Screamin' Pete whether you like it or not. Dip into an Old School Wrestling Corner and a messy fun Wrestling Confession/Encounter. All that, plus the return debutt of a little buddy with a new name. Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 128: Turkey Nite Dynamite

    It's time to give thanks for friends, family & of course Pro Wrestling. Marty and Sarah are back with another dank ass episode that will have Peter screaming. Ya boy and gurl break down one of the busiest and newsiest weeks in the world of wrestling. Enzo, Ellsworth, JR, All Elite Wrestling and a bunch more. Grab a turkey leg, pause the Chrisley Knows Best marathon and let's podcsast!