Wrestling Confessions, F/M/K & More!

Previous Episodes

  • Episode 153: Discreet to Elite

    With the big dynamite news coming from the world of AEW, there's a lot to talk about this week! A few buddies come by to assist in a fun week of wrestling news, rumors, and Who Do You Want To Wins. Marty and Sarah love wrestling more than ever, and you can too. Tune in and share your thoughts with us - @martysarahpod on all social media. Until then, Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 152: Mild Card

    We're back with a bang! Join Marty, Sarah and the buddies as we navigate the shallow sea of Monday Night Raw, the eroded mountains of Smackdown, and the unexplored horizons of AEW. Werner stops by to pontificate on TV deals coming this fall, a certain ghost promises to help Vince find his way, and a wrestling confession to warm the hearts of parents across the globe--all this and whole lot more. Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 151: This Weak in Wrestling

    It's a rainy late night in Chicago and we get in and out pretty quick as both Marty and Sarah will be traveling this weekend. Amidst lost cable and some WWE booking, we find the fun of the week in episode 151. And it's not just us! Brad, At-Billy, and Mrs. B drop by to get in on the fun. Nathan debuts a new segment, and we continue forward toward Money in the Bank and the rest! Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 150: Uncle Turd's Crappy Clubhouse

    After a trip across the pond, Sarah is back to reunite with Marty and watch a bunch of wrestling documentaries and stay steady during the shake-up. The Big Guy answers for his AMA...kind of. Kyle has a shining moment of songhood. And this Wrestling Confession is sure to warm your heart as spring tries to do the same. Gather round for this epic hundred and fiftieth episode and Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 149: Tables, Ladders and Crying

    We recorded a Very Special Saturday episode for you buddies, because this week Sarah is overseas in Belgium! There's plenty to discuss even beFORE the Superstar Shake up, and we will cover that and SO much more next week. This week, get a little insight into the 'boo-boo face' of Sasha, and hear a very tall Sarah's Old School Wrestling Corner. Can't wait 'till we meet again! Let's Podcast.

  • Episode 148: Weekend at Maria's

    It's another long one! There's simply too much wrestling to cover in a clean hour! Whether it's Marty's adventure on the couch, watching everything he could get his hands on, or Sarah's jaunts between NYC and Jersey City, there's wrestling for every genre and every type! Take a trip with us through our eyes during this wild weekend of wrestling. We cover AIW, Wrestlecon, Black Label Pro, Orange Cassidy is Doing Something, the G1 Supercard, the Gay Young Classic, and just a wee tiny bit of WWE and everything else we could fit in. Join Unky Ric, Stan Hansen, and Brad the Alien as we whirl through another Christmas of Wrestling weekend. Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 147: Pump It Up...It's Wrestlemania!

    This 90-minute extravaganza will propel you into the wildest weekend of the year: Wrestlemania! Pump it Up about 6 times! Hear from buddies such as roller coaster aficionado at Billy, and aspiring opera singer Kyle! There is so much to cover we simply couldn't do it in the usual time frame. Sit around with us, whether on a flight, in a car, or flat on a couch. Wherever you are, we wanna be there with ya. Stay in touch this weekend with us @martysarahpod and in the meantime - Let's Podcast.

  • Episode 146: Human Traffic Jam

    Get in the car, we are road-tripping through the next two weeks on that famous road we all know! To Wrestlemania! Along the way, we chat with some moguls of the modern world, speculate on who we want to win at Madison Square Garden, and see who is revealing what about whether or not they're an alien. Get on board, buddies! All we're doing over here is having fun!

  • Episode 145: Everyone Go To Wrigley

    Ramping up to Wrestlemania means there's a lot to discuss! From NXT to AAW to New Japan and beyond, hop in and listen to us jive with what's happening today. We've also got visits from three classic buddies, including Nathan (Nathan's Wrestling Review) who comes in hot with a PODLINE for y'all. All that and the Wrestling Confession that gave us our title - heck! Let's Podcast!

  • Episode 144: Chaos Muppets

    We are on the Fastlane to Wrestlemania now, buddies! Hop in our ridiculous caravan of screaming cats and character appearances. Kyle defends his honor as a young fan, and Unky Ric shows up to prove to us all that he wasn't murdered on television. An Old School Wrestling Corner takes us to the era of blading and waiting, and a joy bubble of a Wrestling Confession takes us home. Whaddaya say? Let's Podcast!